Preserving Dignity, Confidence and Independence

Confidence… in oneself, in those around you and in the system in which we operate

It doesn’t take long to erode the self-confidence of an aging person. There are so many activities that are more difficult to fully engage in, there are so many tasks that take much more strength than they used to and there are so many rapidly changing social trends, to say nothing of rapidly changing technology, needed to achieve quality communication, that it should be no surprise to any of us when we hear a client saying, “ Oh, please, just let me rest”  or  “ No, I have no interest in going to activity hour.” 

This is where Elder Life Associates shine.  Every aspect of the caregiving services we deliver is based in our belief and our promise, that, through our work, we are committed to Preserving Dignity, Confidence and Independence. 

What sets the Associates of Elder Life Advocacy & In Home Care apart is that they have committed themselves, through acceptance of our rigorous interviewing and selection process, our ongoing educational opportunities and the constant  encouragement offered by a highly skilled and experienced management team who are equally committed to them, to gentle, sincere, personal encouragement of their clients. 

How do they do this? 

  • by taking uninterrupted time, working at the client’s pace, to listen carefully, to observe knowledgeably and to respond appropriately to each client’s individual situation
  • by learning as much as possible about the person with whom they are working so that their encouragement is based on the client’s life experience, not their own
  • by being creative in their approach to care, not to transgress any professional policy, but by working within the parameters, to find new, amusing, approaches to regular care procedures, or by challenging the client to find ways to let their own light shine. 
  • by being consistent, fully trustworthy and constant in their attendance and fulfilment of duty, thereby building a trusting, therapeutic relationship, acknowledging the individuality of each person they are fortunate enough to work with and learn from.
  • by keeping the joy and humour alive in all of our relationships.