Preserving Dignity, Confidence and Independence

Independence… promoting as much self-determination, as is practical

If you wonder why the elderly hold on to a sense of independence for dear life, put yourself in their position.  Do you really want someone giving you a shower, taking you to the toilet, wiping your chin when you eat, deciding what is best for you at every opportunity.

Let us at Elder Life set your heart at ease! 

Every Associate of Elder Life Advocacy & In Home Care is committed to preserving independence in the life of a client to the highest degree possible.  Sometimes it is necessary to give and/or receive more physical help than either the client or the Associate is 100% comfortable with.

But Elder Life Associates, who have been especially chosen to work with this company because of their compassion, enhanced learning opportunities, support and guidance from their management and their enthusiasm about enriching lives, not demeaning them, go well beyond the norm in preserving independence for every client. 

Trust between client and caregiver is the key component in developing a care plan which supports the client, honours independence and allows both client and Associate to sustain and preserve a sense of independence in a safe and comfortable way.

How do they do that?

    • by respecting the client’s privacy
    • by treating the client with dignity
    • by raising the client’s self-confidence at every opportunity
    • by speaking directly, in front of the client, in a calm, lower register
    • by involving the client in planning and decision making, with regards to their own treatment and services
    • by ensuring the safest techniques are in place and followed for every activity
    • by using full, safe body mechanics to lend support and offer assistance