From the Seniors Advocates Report

With reference to the recent report, many aspects of this report highlight the reasons that Elder Life Advocacy & In Home Care are in this business. There are many people in residential care that don’t need to be there and are enjoying a reduced level of life experience because of it.

The RAI data analysis identified three profiles for assisted living – needing some assistance with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs). The key is that they have an awareness and ability to direct their care needs.

  • Those with light physical and cognitive care needs
  • Those with light dementia care needs
  • Those with moderate physical care needs

In BC, there appears to be 5-15% of seniors currently living in residential care that fit these criteria (up to 4400) and could be living more independently in the community. This is up to 6 times that of Alberta and 3 times the numbers in Ontario.

To be housed prematurely in a residential care facility is not generally a good experience, or fit, for the resident. With most residents experiencing complex and severe cognitive and/or physical impairment, it is difficult to form a community of interest. “ 

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